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The abstract form of art originated in the 19th century. The painting, sculpture, and the graphic
art; These maybe inform of nonobjective or in other words nonrpresentational form of art.

They display objects from the invisible worlds. Abstract art may be used in textile industry for textile
designs. Many people feel puzzled and confused by abstract art. But there are those who accepts its nonreferential mode of language and they have no doubt of
its value and achievements.

When it come to art it largely consist of element that could be called abstract. These are the elements
of lines, form, colour, tone and texture. These were used by the artists before the start of the 19th
century to give a description, illustration and for educating the human race.

The period that the abstract art emerged it was characterized by so vast elaborate representational
art. During the first and the second world war; The abstract art did not flourish. But by the time
the second world war ended there emerged an American school of abstract painting called Abstract
Expressionism which had a great influence on abstract art from the early 1950s. Since then
abstract art has been widely accepted and practiced in Europe and America including parts of