Elephant Painting Done On AWood-art -585-70


Sunrise-Watercolor IllustrationSunrise-Watercolor Illustration

Textile Design Art-Watercolor Splash Painting-art -1201

The Sun Set-Oil Painting


Expression of ideas and feelings with the creating of certain aesthetic values in a dual dimension language. The properties of this language is composed of line, shapes colour, texture and tone. These are used in different ways to produce sensational volume, space, movement and highlights on a flat surface. These properties are put together into an impressive patterns for them to produce a real or a supernatural effect, to interpret a narrative theme, or create a whole abstracted visual patterns. An artist idea of using a particular medium like; tempera, fresco, oil, acrylic or watercolour, as  well as choice of a particular for of painting; like murals, canvas, miniature, illumination or any other modern form of art as well as an individual arist technique, works to realize unique visual pattern of the image. The former traditional beliefs that included; tribal, religious and the state, widely influenced artists and their creative work of