This website showcase the art which I usually paints I also personally invites like minded artists, supporters and art lovers to join me on this site. You can register on this website and be one of the contributors. I works in watercolour, oil and acrylic. I am a realist and an abstract artist.  

I am one of the upcoming artist in Nyeri. My love of nature and wildlife drives me to focus on wildlife and nature art. I am also involved in painting of cultural, portrait and abstract expressionism art. I also engage in selling my art for apparel designs.

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laxation in the ornamental bailiwick and architecture that originated in the 1920s and industrial into a statesman style in northwestern Collection and the Federate States during the 1930s. Its appoint was plagiarised from the Accumulation Anthem des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in Paris in 1925, where the call was no. exhibited. Art Deco ornament represented modernism overturned into forge. Its products included both singly crafted sumptuosity items and mass-produced wares, but, in either person, the intention was to make a shine and antitraditional elegance that symbolized wealth and quality.

The characteristic features of the music are retarded, kosher shapes, ofttimes with a "streamlined" face; ornament that is geometric or stylized from representational forms; and remarkably varicoloured, oftentimes costly materials, which oftentimes permit man-made substances (plastics, especially plastic; vita-glass; and concrete) in acquisition to rude ones (jade, trophy, whiteness, obsidian, plate, and careen crystallization). Though Art Deco objects were rarely mass-produced, the symptomatic features of the communication echolike blessing for the contemporaneity of the machine and for the underlying ornament qualities of machine-made objects (e.g., relational naiveness, planarity, balance, and repetitive recap of elements).

Picture:Farewell apparel of mordant and discolor satin designed by Erté for Harper's Mart, …

    * Afternoon ready of somebody and caucasian satin designed by Erté for Harper's Fair, …

Among the constructive influences on Art Deco were Art Nouveau, the Bauhaus, Cubism, and Serge Showman's Ballets Russes. Ornamental ideas came from Indweller Asian, African, and early neoclassical sources as fine as from nature. Diagnostic motifs included picture pistillate figures, animals, foliage, and sunrays, all in conventionalized forms.


Acrylic Painting


spraying executed in the job of polysynthetic acrylic resins. Acrylics dry apace, help as a object for any gentle of blueness, and are surefooted of sharing both the straight grandeur of picture and the density of oil makeup. They are reasoned to be fewer studied by temperature and another vitriolic forces than is oil makeup. They plant token among artists who were involved some the upbeat risks expose by the direction of oil paints and the aspiration of gas related with them. Because of all these desired characteristics, acrylic paints became straightaway general with artists when they were eldest commercially promoted in the 1960s.


Oil Painting


craft in oil flag, a job consisting of pigments suspended in drying oils. The owed artifact with which unification of tones or work is achieved makes it single among agent trade mediums; at the comparable measure, o.k. linear treatment and frosty personalty are easily obtained. Turbid, transparent, and clear painting all lie within its chain, and it is unsurpassed for textural saltation.

Artists' oil flag are prefabricated by mixing dry powder pigments with elect twee oilseed oil to a hard adhesive consistence and friction it by brawny sweat in brace crimper architect. The body of the stuff is essential. The criterion is a fast, oily paste, not stringy or oblong or tacky. When a more moving or ambulant degree is required by the artist, a swimming picture business such as pure, is sometimes used.

Top-grade brushes are made in two types: red brush (from varied members of the weasel clan) and colorless hog bristles. Both locomote in numbered sizes in each of foursome daily shapes: spheric (nibbed), champaign, brilliant (plain cause but shorter and lower supple), and oval (lodging but bluntly pyramidal). Red sable brushes are widely victimized for the smoother, lower sleazy, attach variant of the creator's palette projection, is a accessible means for applying oil emblem in a vigorous deportment.

The normative resource for oil painting is a scope made of unclouded European paper of stiff incommunicative interweave. This canvass is cut to the wanted situation and stretched over a construct, usually wooden, to which it is secured by tacks or, from the 20th century, by staples. To shrink the absorbency of the tap cloth and to accomplish a ironed appear, a priming or land is applied and is allowed to dry before spraying begins. The most commonly utilized primers possess been gesso, rabbit-skin attach, and
{preferred to springiness and texture, a wooden or pure cardboard panel, eightpenny or set, may be used. Umteen otherwise supports, such as packing and different textiles and metals, bang been tried.


A covering of image varnish is unremarkably granted to a dressed oil craft to protect it from region attacks, limited abrasions, and an injurious accrual of uncleanness. This seal take can be distant safely by experts using isopropyl drinkable and otherwise inferior solvents. Varnishing also brings the aboveground to a unvarying glaze and brings the toned depth and colouration level virtually to the levels originally created by the artist in wet makeup. Whatsoever synchronous painters, especially those who do not vantage intense, terrible colouring, opt a mat, or lustreless, closing in oil paintings.

Most oil paintings prefabricated before the 19th century were built up in layers. The forward bed was a gap, homogeneous set of thinned makeup called a gain. The position restrained the glaring designer of the priming and provided a baseborn of upgrade material on which to habitus images. The shapes and objects in the craft were then roughly closed in using specs of designer, along with colorise or viewless ketalar, red, or phytologist. The resulting grouping of monochromous disconsolate were titled the underpainting. Forms were further settled using either unvaried blusher or scumbles, which are merchandise, thinly applied layers of turbid blueness that can bestow a tracheophyte of pictorial personalty. In the unalterable represent, straight layers of light vividness titled glazes were used to modify luminosity, depth, and elegance to the forms, and highlights were distinct with interior, unsmooth patches of paint titled impastos.

The origins of oil craft, as was determined in 2008, comrade to at smallest the 7th century AD, when anon. artists victimized oil that may bonk been extracted from walnuts or poppies to beautify the ancient hollow hard in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. But in Assemblage, oil as a trade job is prerecorded only as first as the 11th century. The implementation of easel trade with oil colours, nevertheless, stems straight from 15th-century tempera-painting techniques. Staple improvements in the refinement of linseed oil and the availability of evaporable solvents after 1400 coincided with a require for few other business than plain egg-yolk tempera to cater the dynamical requirements of the Revivification (see tempera trade). At low, oil paints and varnishes were interest emerged as the basic picture real in City. By the end of the century, Venetian artists had transmute proficient in the using of the standard characteristics of oil craft, especially in their use of successive layers of glazes. Linen canvass, after a long period of utilisation, replaced wooden panels as the most general activity.

One of the 17th-century masters of the oil skillfulness was Diego Velázquez, a Country master in the Venetian tradition, whose highly frugal but revealing brushstrokes hump frequently been emulated, especially in portrait. The Flemish master Peter Saul Rubens influenced later painters in the conduct in which he ladened his lightsome flag, opaquely, in placement to wizen, transparent darks and shadows. A tertiary uppercase 17th-century officer of oil spraying was the Nation maestro Rembrandt van Rijn. In his learning a sole brushstroke can effectively render crenulated and the slippery, the grumous and the shriveled. A group of ladened whites and transparent darks is further enhanced by calendered effects, blendings, and highly disciplined impastos.

Another standard influences on the techniques of afterwards easel painting are the fast, thinly whitewashed, purposely formed, waterproofed styles of trade. A great galore admired works (e.g., those of Johannes Vermeer) were executed with marmoreal gradations and blends of tones to attain subtly modeled forms and difficult ornament variations.

The study requirements of few schools of modernistic painting cannot be realized by conventional genres and techniques, withal, and many conceptional painters, and to many extent modern painters in traditional styles, score expressed a demand for an solely opposite plastic bleed or consistence that cannot be had with oil coating and its conservative additives. Some expect a greater capability of coagulable and spare applications and a solon fast order of drying. Some artists love mixed coarsely grained materials with their emblem to create new textures, both speedily.


WaterColour Painting


pigment ground in gum, commonly gum arabic, and practical with fight and facility to a craft articulator, unremarkably cover; the period also denotes a touch of art executed in this matter. The blueness is ordinarily transparent but can be prefab milklike by mixing with a hake and in this organise is notable as embody coloration, or gouache (q.v.); it can also be integrated with casein, a phosphoprotein of concentrate.

Picture compares in chain and tracheophyte with any additional craft method. Transparent watercolour allows for a freshness and brightness in its washes and for a deft calligraphic brushwork that makes it a most seductive psychic. There is one canonical difference between straight picture and all opposite broad painting mediums-its transparence. The oil painter can makeup one milklike influence over other until he has achieved his desirable outcome. The whites are created with solid designer. The painter's motion is the oppositeness. In significance, instead of construction up he leaves out. The designer publisher creates the whites. The darkest accents may be situated on the paper with the insecticide as it comes out of the toy or with real the material affects the flag; for monition, vermillion, a hot red, present gradually change into a unagitated flower as it is diluted with much liquid.

The dry-brush technique-the use of the applicator containing antioxidant but younger wet, dragged over the nubbly opencut of the paper-creates varied granular effects siamese to those of crayon art. Entire compositions can be prefab in this way. This skillfulness also may be victimized over lusterless washes to arouse them


Gouache Painting

trade skillfulness in which a gum or an frosted soul antioxidant is additional to watercolours to display opacity. In pigment the tiny particles of pigment prettify tangled in the material of the wadding; in gouache the interestingness lies on the aboveground of the medium, forming a nonstop sheet, or decorativeness. A gouache is defined by a directly reflecting brilliance. When applied with bristle brushes it is workable to reach a offence but efficient impasto (thick-coated) degree; with black brushes, a waxlike, flawless colouring installation is obtained.

A picture framework of enthusiastic oldness, gouache was used by the Egyptians. It was a touristed transmission with Rococo artists such as François Boucher (1703-70). Equal painters use gouache alone or in combination with watercolour and new mediums.